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Found Fiction: Supernatural

Finders; keepers, losers; weepers.

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This is a fiction writing challenge community. I've been inspired by the people at FOUND magazine and all the pretty detritus they've collected. Hope you will be, too.

General disclaimers of lack of ownership abound and are always implied, as well as is this:

PLEASE NOTE: This is a writing community. Included in it are stories of an explicit nature, including but not limited to violence, sex, and other elements that are not fit for anyone below the age of 18 (or whatever the age of consent is in your country of origin). By reading this comm or friending it, you confirm that you are above the age of consent. If you aren't, and you still read/friend this comm, then you are exposing me (and others) to accusations of inappropriate contact with a minor, which is punishable under law according to the California state penal code, section 288.2.

Please don't place me - or anyone else - in an unfair and compromising position by being untruthful. It's appreciated.

Feel free to e-mail kimonkey7 if you have questions/concerns that can't be addressed in a comment post. Layout design by fuesch. Thanks, baby!


1) Fic has to be SPN, and must be gen, het, or OC/slash. This comm is a Wincest-free, and RPF/RPS-free zone.

2) Word count can be 100 to 10,000. I'm easy like that.

3) You have ONE MONTH to write and post.

3a) If you choose to take longer than one month to finish, you must continue adding new prompts as they are posted. For example: if you begin to write a fic for prompt 5 and do not finish for three months, your story should include prompts 5-7. This rule seems to have confused some people. Let me break it down further:

I start writing a story that includes prompt 20. At the end of the month, I have not finished it. I have two options:

A) I can hold onto the story and keep writing, including each new introduced prompt until I bring a story to a close and post it.

B) I can abandon the story that features prompt 20 and start a whole new story with prompt 21, pretending the nastiness with prompt 20 NEVER EVER happened.

THIS IS THE CHALLENGING PART OF THE CHALLENGE, PEOPLE. It’s not a negotiable point. Don’t like? Don’t play. But I really do hope you’ll play.

4) The found item has to figure into your fic. It can be an actual note the boys find or write to one another or someone else. Or the words can be used (in their entirety) as dialog. Or, actually...just go wherever the muse takes you.

5) All posts are to be made directly to the comm and MUST BE TAGGED and include A STORY HEADING and the BODY OF THE POST PLACED UNDER AN LJ-CUT or a LINK. This should be, ideally, a linking post to a post in your personal LJ, though it does not have to be. When posting, please use the format below:

Prompt Number:
(all inclusive, when applicable)

The tag should be: ‘challenge (#)’ Please include all challenges used, if there is more than one, and tag as ‘challenge (#), challenge (#), challenge(#)’, etc.

Stories posted ignoring this format will be removed by the mod, and you will be asked to repost properly. Cooperation is appreciated and made of delicious candy.

6) Tell a friend and encourage them to write, too.

7) All questions must be submitted in writing. Little surprises around every corner, but NOTHING DANGEROUS.

8) The only non-mod posts allowed in this comm are found_fic_spn story posts. No, you may not sell your bike here. No, you may not pic-spam here. No - though I'm sure s/he's lovely - don't talk about your CAT here. Thank you.